Pretty Christmas Gift Under $50

Christmas time is just around the corner!

Pretty Christmas gifts bring about a special kind of joy during the festive season. We search high and low for the gift that our receivers can appreciate the most.

Gifting is a simple gesture of love. And they are even more special when they can benefit one’s physical and emotional wellness.

A total crowd pleaser and a wonderful token of nature, teas are exceptionally popular gifts in the Christmas season.

Prettier gifts do not always have to be more expensive. If you know someone who has a Nespresso® machine at home, we have a Christmas gift set that they will be most excited for, all for less than $50.  

Why teas make thoughtful gifts


With its many flavours and blends, teas always have a way into one’s heart. 3 reasons why teas make thoughtful gifts:

  1. It is the gift of good health.

These days, health is wealth. Teas of fine quality contain plenty of antioxidants and vitamins that are favourable for our bodies. 

  1. Great company for work and rest.

The secret is L-Theanine, a unique amino acid that can be found in teas. Teas play a powerful role in helping our minds be in a positive state of mind and boost our focus throughout the day.

  1. An experience of its own. 

Each sip is an invitation to rediscover or uncover a flavour and its personality. It’s the sort of enjoyment to feel when drinking alone or shared with family and friends. A reason to connect. 

There’s a story to be told in every tea, nothing less for Thee’s Nespresso® compatible tea blends.

Christmas Gift Set for Tea Lovers by THEE Nespresso® Tea Capsules

(& most ideal for workaholics, busy bees and tea connoisseurs.)

This year’s gift set for Christmas is one that embodies genuine intentions and fun whilst also nourishing the mind, body and soul.



2 Tea Flavours Fit for Christmas + Shaker

Inside are 2 tea flavours - Mocha Mint and Lucky Grey that goes perfectly well with your Christmas festive goodies.

Because our teas are in Nespresso® compatible capsules, it is way easier and faster to get freshly brewed tea. Each flavour comes with 10 capsules each, which can be brewed twice. 

Teas for Christmas in Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

Every inch of Mocha Mint defines Christmas. With rooibos as the base tea (non-caffeine!), this blend consists of peppermint, cacao nibs and flavouring to really bring out its chocolate minty taste.

And think of Lucky Grey as an evolution of the classic Earl Grey. One can most definitely taste bergamot but it’s the layers of lychee and cornflower petals that gives this blend more character. Irresistibly refreshing.

So, what’s the shaker for? 



Drinks making time!

Tea Recipes for Christmas using cocktail shaker

Expect a couple of tea recipes inside the gift set that are sure to shake up the festive mood and not to mention, Instagram-worthy.


Classy Double Wall Glass

How you drink is as important as the tea itself. 

Double wall glasses are sturdy and they are designed to keep either your warm or cool drinks at their optimum temperatures longer - and the cup will always remain condense-free or heat-free to hold.

Let's not forget just how nice this glass looks on it's own.

Double Wall Glass by THEE Nespresso® Tea Capsules


DIY Mini Cardboard Tree + FREE Fairy Lights

The Mini Cardboard Tree is not inside the gift set. It is the box itself

Oftentimes, brands wonder how they can deliver a beautiful unboxing experience with lesser packaging waste.

One way is to reuse the box to regift or place it in any recycling bins nearby. Another way is to turn it into a mini Christmas tree, all in just 4 easy steps. 

DIY Cardboard Christmas Tree using box for gifting

After all, it’s always more memorable when it is a Christmas decoration made by yourself. A fun addition of festiveness to plain kitchen counters, coffee tables or dining tables. 

Should we add that this is one Christmas tree that is totally kid and pet friendly?

Christmas is a time for joy and the most enriching moment of it all comes to giving. 

Call it however you want; the box of health or the box of happiness, we know that this Christmas gift set is one to uplift the spirit and restore the body and mind healthily. 

This year, choose something that offers a calming experience, a healing experience. Choose a special gift set with a purpose. 

Thee also offers other unique tea blends that would also be good to gift.

See all of Thee’s tea collection

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