Reduce Stress with Tea

Aside from exercising regularly and eating healthily, including tea in your daily routine can help to reduce stress. 

The pandemic, or endemic, has taught us many things. One prominent lesson was to take better care of our health - mentally, physically and emotionally.

From lockdowns to restrictions, stress accumulates. Stress comes in all directions. We adapted and frankly, still adapting.

There are still changes that occur in our day-to-day lives.

Everyone feels some form of stress, whether you are a working adult, a student or a stay-at-home parent.



There are many reports that affirm that people are affected by covid’19.

In Singapore, an increase in family violence and mental health issues were reported. 8.7% of more than 1000 people met the criteria for clinical depression. 9.4% suffered from anxiety. 

Social activities and physical interactions are kept at minimum for safety purposes.

Reduce stress with tea | THEE Nespresso® Compatible Tea Capsules

There are some who grew more lonely from the lack of interactions. But some are frustrated and need more personal space due to living with other family members, room mates, families, etc) in a single household.

The state of poor mental well-being was apparent.

To counter it, we must find ways in our daily lives to reduce unhealthy stress. One of them is by introducing our bodies with tea.



Some would say it’s the whole experience of tea brewing.

The moment when you inhale the aroma of freshly brewed tea, you feel calm. Your breath feels more balanced. 

Tea makes a great company, whether alone or with somebody. They are wonderful to have first thing in the morning, during meals, in between working hours and for some, before sleep. 

Why teas help to reduce stress | THEE Nespresso® Compatible Tea Capsules

Their smell and flavours elevate our simple daily moments.

Teas are more than just a beverage to enjoy with cakes during tea time. Beyond being a thirst quencher, the soothing effect of Camellia Sinensis is simply healing. 

Time and again, tea has proven its magical health and mood benefits.



L-theanine is naturally available in green teas and black teas.

They are amino acids that change the chemicals in our brains, like serotonin and dopamine.

These impacts our moods, sleep, emotions and in turn, they help our body deal with stress levels. 

A cup of tea can make a person feel relaxed. Reduced stress and increased relaxed mood helps to lower the blood pressure. 

Oolong tea also contains l-theanine.

Herbal teas, also known as tisanes, are a blend of spices and fruits along with herbs. Herbal teas do not have caffeine. They DO NOT contain l-theanine.

However, that makes them easy to drink before bed and are still loved for their calming properties.



Natural antioxidants can be found in food and beverages. Example, tea. An easy way to benefit from their antioxidant properties is to drink a variety of them.

Black teas have flavonoids. Flavonoids are a group of antioxidants, like polyphenols. Something that is beneficial for our cardiovascular health. 

A healthy heart goes a long way. By drinking tea, combined with a healthy diet and regular exercises, we are working our hearts and minds to produce a more positive and active version of ourselves. Thus, regulating our stress levels more effectively.



Unhealthy bubble tea

Like many things, teas should be drank in moderation. At most, have three to four cups of tea daily and have them with as little (or no) sugar or sweetener.

Refrain, or take lesser, tea lattes and bubble teas. The real nutritional value of teas are made lower with the additional sugars and calories in them.



To sum things up, teas are truly the natural gift for good health. 

Evidence is plenty: regular tea drinking has a lasting, positive effect on one’s wellness.

Anxiousness, feeling overwhelmed and stress are unavoidable, especially in times like this. Hence, we must take good care of ourselves. 

Maybe at the end of the day, it is up to us to make some time to regulate our wellness.

An easy way to help us get through the day will be sipping freshly brewed tea. With Thee, you can save some time and mess with our easy to brew, Nespresso® compatible tea capsules.

You are just two buttons away from your easy daily dose of freshly brewed tea goodness!


THEE Nespresso® Compatible Tea Capsules

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