What are tea capsules?

Tea capsules (or tea pods) are finely grinded loose tea leaves in a small, sealed container. 

A capsule will be put into a machine that pumps high-pressure water through the grinded tea capsules. The machine does it by piercing small holes at the edge of the capsules. What follows after is freshly brewed tea, releasing all the right flavours and aroma that captivates.

Tea in capsules | Thee Nespresso® Tea Capsules

An idea to relieve people from the inconvenience of mess and time taken to brew fresh tea, all at the touch of a button.

Nespresso® is famous for their wide range of capsule machines, along with coffee capsules of different blends and intensity.

In recent years, tea brands are stepping up to the idea of single-serve capsules with their own variation of tea flavours and blends.


Tea bags were first used centuries ago, around the year 1908. Till today, tea bags remain to be the most popular choice for convenient tea. Tea brands keep revolutionising tea bag designs to ensure that the loose tea leaves retain their flavours better.

The other obvious choice of freshly brewed tea is brewing the loose tea leaves in strainers. Tea lovers adore the experiential value of tea-making.

However, making exceptional tea of their optimum flavours requires precise temperatures, weightage and timing. Each factor can easily affect the taste of tea. Over-brewing and under extraction are common in the world of tea. 

There has not been another method to tea brewing till the idea of tea capsules was born. Tea capsules elevate and revolutionise freshly brewed tea and instant tea at the same time.

Tea blend in Nespresso® pods | Thee Nespresso® Tea Capsules


As passionate tea lovers, we grow to have an acquired taste. Like how coffee lovers are passionate about coffee.

Any person with an acquired taste for tea can tell the difference of quality. Oftentimes, he or she is willing to pay for excellence.

Having tea in the form of capsules allows consistency of flavour whilst also keeping it very convenient for a cuppa anytime of the day. Tea capsules have the advantage of consistency of taste, some would dare say perfection.

What are tea capsules | Thee Nespresso® Tea Capsules

The capsule machine method is almost idiot-proof since everything is taken care of for you. All you have to do is pop the capsule in the machine and press a button or two for a freshly cup of tea.

Fast, completely mess-free and consistent quality. 

Tea capsules are the efficient solution for the fast-paced lifestyle. For the busy working adults who need that good tea in quick time. 

Also, a modern, sleek and lean capsule machine at home does not sound like a bad idea at all.


Thee is one of the first few tea companies in Singapore to curate tea blends in Nespresso® compatible capsules. 

Here in Thee, we believe in the exceptional quality of exclusive tea blends. Unique blends, derived from many trials, where we match tea leaves with different dried fruits, flowers or herbs. From commonly known black teas to traditional Chinese teas that were sometimes forgotten.

Jasmine Oolong tea blend in capsules | Thee Nespresso® Tea Capsules

Tea to us is powerful. It’s not simply a warm beverage. 

Each Thee flavour unfolds a story. It's the emotions they can evoke, from the first smell that rises seconds after you press the button. 

Now anyone can try and taste premium tea. Not just any tea. High quality premium tea blends. All in the comforts of your home. 

Similar to coffee, a cup of freshly brewed tea can be the key to a wonderful start every day. And here at Thee, is where you can trust the taste.  



Sustainability and tea goes hand in hand. Climate change is a direct impact of the growth of tea leaves grown all over the world.

Single serve capsules, whether tea or coffee, are notoriously known to be detrimental to Earth. But very much like tea bags, capsules are also constantly evolving to be less harmful when returning back to our beloved Gaia. 

Compostable tea capsules | Thee Nespresso® Tea Capsules

Capsules went from plastics and aluminium material, to compostable and biodegradable capsules.

Tea companies who are committed to sustainability are aware of the changes they can make. They are making the switch. Thee being one of them. 

As more people warm up to the idea of tea capsules, the future remains bright for this tea drinking method to evolve. It will be interesting to see more variation of tea blends and infusions readily available in the form of tea capsules.

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