Sustainability Commitment | Thee Nespresso® Compatible Tea Capsules

Because we do care.

Our tea drinking experience should be an enriching one, even after we have finished every last sip. An experience that is also as environmentally friendly as possible, from start to end.

The world is riddled by the damages caused by single-use plastics. We are aware and we are responding. Thee has been constantly exploring various avenues, looking for ways for us to be more Earth-friendly while still maintaining the quality we are known for.

It is our commitment to assure you a balance of high quality tea and sustainability efforts. 

And if you love tea as much as we do, then you would love to play your part too. 

Because a difference is only made when you and I play our part, together. Our small, collective efforts. Join us as we embark in an everlasting journey of being responsible tea consumption drinkers - by first understanding the effort.

Composting is the role of breaking down organic matter and returning it to Earth without harm. That’s right, it’s not a natural product, it’s a human invention. 

It’s a solution to make sure that our waste does not add on to the landfills - which has been a major concern for years. Instead, converted to something useful for us once more.


Compostable plastics is a subset of biodegradable plastic. 

These are bioplastics that can be converted into water, carbon dioxide and biomass over time with the help of microorganisms. This process is called biodegradation. 



You can’t expect to throw the compostable plastics under dirt and think you did your part already. It does not work that way. Certainly, not all compostable plastics can be safely composed at home.

By nature and with time, every other material will be biodegraded. It’s important to take note that these environmental factors affects biodegradation:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature

Many certified compostable materials need high temperatures to allow the microbes to break them down in a timely manner.



One way to find out if they are really compostable is knowing if they are certified by a third party and adhere to international standards for biodegradation in an industrial composting facility.

Industrial composting has an environment that is designed for optimum biodegradation process. The mass facility has the ability to process larger volumes and is monitored to have constant high heat for a faster process.

Terracaps Industrial Compostable Capsules | Thee Nespresso® Compatible Tea Capsules
  • Completely free from aluminium.
  • Made from renewable raw materials.
  • Produced using energy generated naturally - the wind, sun, hydropower and biogas. 
  • Certified 100% industrially compostable.

Terracaps® is certified by DIN CERTCO and Climate Partners, making sure it is environmentally friendly from start to end of the process with clear, concise and efficient channels.

For more information on Terracaps®, you can refer to this website:


The switch to Terracaps® has allowed us to sustainably reduce packaging materials, while still maintaining our quality at its best. 

At the moment, we are still in search of the right organisations who are able to collect our industrial compostable capsules. However, we are more assured that the capsules this time round would be less harmful to Earth, as even the technical additives used in making them are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Industrial Compostable Capsules | Thee Nespresso® Compatible Tea Capsules


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