Prosperitea Set


The Prosperitea Set is a gift of wellness for health and your taste buds. It is an auspicious trio of Chinese tea blends to pair with your dinners and delicious treats... Or perfectly on its own!

Immerse yourself in the rich aroma and flavours of oolong, pu'er and black tea that are specially blended to bring you a refreshing twist to your familiar cup.

Flavours that appeals to the old and exciting for the young to try. The perfect set to bring families closer together. 

Supu'er Auspicious combines the classic pu'er with orange peel to welcome you a well balanced and citrusy journey of joy.

A cup of Lucky Grey is full of vibrant, refreshing zest of black tea, lychee and bergamot that leaves you wanting for more.

And finally, Empress Garden. A floral blend so luxurious, you want the moment to yourself. It is a rich blend of oolong, white tea, jasmine and osmanthus. 

  1. Flush the machine first 
    - to ensure temperature of water going through the capsule is ideal.
  2. Shake your capsule 
    - to loosen the tea leaves evenly for perfect extraction.
  3. Insert capsule and press the lungo button twice 
    - wait for the first brew to stop before pressing the second time.
  4. Remove cup and enjoy your freshly brewed tea 
    - don't forget to eject capsule from the machine after brewing!
  5. Have your tea hot or add ice
    - however you want it to be. You choose.

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