Supu'er Auspicious


The best of everything nature can give. Well balanced, like a match made in heaven.

Subtle hints of citrus makes this auspicious pairing a joy to indulge.

Supu'erh Auspicious | Thee Nespresso® Compatible Pu Erh Tea Capsules

10 capsules in a box.
*Each capsule can be brewed twice.

We recommend that you purge the compostable capsules immediately after every brew. Do not leave them inside the Nespresso® machine's chamber overnight. 

Materials used in a compostable capsule are more sensitive towards prolonged heat and water, making them soften faster than plastic. Hence, it is better to clear off the capsules straight after. 

Pu Erh
Orange Peel

  1. Flush the machine first 
    - to ensure temperature of water going through the capsule is ideal.
  2. Shake your capsule 
    - to loosen the tea leaves evenly for perfect extraction.
  3. Insert capsule and press the lungo button twice 
    - wait for the first brew to stop before pressing the second time.
  4. Remove cup and enjoy your freshly brewed tea 
    - don't forget to eject capsule from the machine after brewing!
  5. Have your tea hot or add ice
    - however you want it to be. You choose.

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