Yuan Yang


They say opposites attract. Yuan Yang is exactly that - a marriage between coffee and tea. A caffeine-loaded blend of harmonious flavours that is deliciously energising.

Our rendition of the Yuan Yang is a pairing of coffee and tea capsules that comes together to give you a bold yet creamy, mildly sweet drink with subtle hints of floral notes.

While the drink is great on it's own, add a little bit more kick with your choice of sweetener at your desired amount!

Yuan Yang | Thee Nespresso® Compatible Tea and Coffee Capsules

5 coffee capsules and 5 tea capsules in a box.

*Condensed milk is added in image. 

We recommend that you purge the compostable capsules immediately after every brew. Do not leave them inside the Nespresso® or Bianca machine's chamber overnight. 

Materials used in a compostable capsule are more sensitive towards prolonged heat and water, making them soften faster than plastic. Hence, it is better to clear off the capsules straight after. 

Ingredient in coffee capsule: 100% Arabica coffee.

Ingredients in Honey Granate Tea: Black Tea, Pomegranate Flower, Natural Honey Flavour.

  1. Insert a tea capsule into the machine.
  2. Close lever firmly and place a cup under the outlet.
  3. Press the 40ml button. Wait till it automatically stops.
  4. Wait 30 seconds for tea leaves to pre-infuse.
  5. Press the 110ml button. Wait till it automatically stops. Do not remove cup yet!
  6. Insert a coffee capsule into the machine and close lever firmly.
  7. Press the 40ml button. Wait till it automatically stops.
  8. Enjoy your Yuan Yang blend!

OPTIONAL STEP: For an extra kick, add in desired amount of condensed milk! 

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