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About thee

We create our teas with YOU in mind. Flavors to stimulate your senses for each unique you. Also saving you some brew time so you can live a little more now. You’re welcome!

Imagine being able to have a cup of tea without the need to boil water, wait 3-4 minutes, and washing the teapot after... isn’t that wonderful? Just pop our tea capsule into your capsule machine, inhale the aroma as it brews, and enjoy your perfect cup of tea in your home, office or hotel!

We do know that our tea capsules are more expensive than traditional tea bags. Only because we use highest quality whole leaf teas. Meticulously blended and calibrated so each capsule will produce a fine cup of tea, all with just a push of the button.


Our capsules are compatible with most Nespresso® machines. Flush the machine once without any capsules before popping in your tea capsule.

You can follow the brewing instruction card that comes in every box. Heads up, it is a 2 step process with a 30 seconds pre-infusion time. Trust us, it’s all worth it! We all need to recharge with a quick timeout every now and then and that’s what the 30 seconds is for. Just breathe..


Green tea – Your natural skin scrub! Scoop out the used tea leaves from the capsule and use them to exfoliate your skin. Green tea contains antioxidant that may help to reactivate cells. Try it out first by scrubbing on a small surface top of your hand for a few seconds and you’ll be amazed! (**suitable for most skin types)

Green tea & Black tea – Get rid of unpleasant smells in your fridge! Scoop out the used tea leaves and leave them to dry completely. Once dried, put them in a bowl and leave it in your refrigerator to absorb and remove odours.


We provide FREE DELIVERY in Singapore for orders $30 and above. There will be a fee of $4 for orders below $30.

We always aim to send out orders within 48 hours of receiving your order. It will take 3-5 working days to reach you.

You may contact us at info@thee.sg for shipping outside of Singapore.

wholesale orders

Yes! Contact us at info@thee.sg for wholesale rates.

Yes we can! Contact us at info@thee.sg and let's work something out together.

Yes we can! Contact us at info@thee.sg for your unique experience.