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Thee Nespesso® Compatible Tea Capsules


If you know a tea lover who has a Nespresso® machine at home, we have the perfect Christmas gift set that they will be most excited for, all for less than $50.

Gifting is a simple gesture of love. Teas are exceptionally popular gifts during the Christmas season.

A total crowd pleaser and a wonderful token of nature.  They are even more special when they can benefit one’s physical and emotional wellness.

Tea As Gifts

The Natural Gift of Good Health

Teas are known to have natural antioxidants and vitamins that are good for our bodies.

Drinking a variety of fine quality tea regularly is part of a wellness lifestyle. 

Great Company for Work & Rest

L-theanine, is a unique amino acid that are found in teas.

They help to keep a calm and positive state of mind and boost our focus throughout the day.

An Experience On Its Own

There's a story behind every tea. Each sip invites one to rediscover or uncover a flavour.

They bring joy, whether drinking alone or with family and friends. A reason to connect.

Christmas Gift Set with Nespresso® Compatible Tea Capsules by THEE

The Gift Set of Health, Wellness and Fun

& most ideal for workaholics, busy bees and tea connoisseurs.

Prettier gifts do not always have to be more expensive. There’s a story to be told in every tea, nothing less for our Nespresso® compatible tea blends.

With its many flavours and blends, teas always have a way into one’s heart. This year’s gift set for Christmas is one that embodies genuine intentions and fun whilst also nourishing the mind, body and soul.

Inside the Gift Set

Two Christmas-Themed Flavours

Our pick for Christmas is Mocha Mint and Lucky Grey.

With profiles that are perfect for the occasion, you can match them with your festive goodies.

Cocktail Shaker & Tea Recipes

Shake up the mood with easy tea recipes that will leave your guests impressed.

Christmas Gift Set by Thee | THEE Nespresso® Tea Capsules

Classy Double Wall Cup

A good tea deserves to be served in a good cup. Sturdy and specially designed to keep your warm tea warm longer and cold tea cool as ice.

Either ways, the cup will remain comfy to hold!

DIY Mini 3D Christmas Tree & Fairy Lights 

Instead of throwing away the blue THEE box, turn it into a mini Christmas tree in just 4 easy steps. Then, decorate the tree with the fairy lights provided!

Combining Convenience and Rich Taste

Rooibos Peppermint with Cacao Nibs Tea Blend by THEE Nespresso® Tea Capsules

Mocha Mint (Non-Caffeine)

Every inch of Mocha Mint defines Christmas.

With rooibos as the base tea, this blend consists of peppermint, cacao nibs and flavouring to really bring out its chocolate minty taste.

Delightful blend of earthy and chocolatey notes. Pleasant lingering, cooling aftertaste.

Lucky Grey

Invigorating black tea with a burst of refreshing zest.

Think of Lucky Grey as an evolution of the classic Earl Grey. One can most definitely taste bergamot but it’s the layers of lychee and cornflower petals that gives this blend more character.

Black tea with bergamot and lychee blend by THEE Nespresso® Tea Capsules

Tea Blends in Capsules


Ready in 1 Minute

No bags to clear. No overly concentrated tea. Only consistent golden cup with just a couple of buttons.

We perfected the art of infusion so you can enjoy tea, at its optimum flavours, with the easiest of convenience. 

All our teas are compatible with most Nespresso® machines.

Compostable Capsules

Certified 100% Compostable Capsules

The freshness and quality of our teas are sustainably maintained with capsules by Terracaps®.

Produced with green energies, Terracaps® is made from renewable raw materials and are free from aluminium and toxins.

Quality Tea Leaves

Unique Blends, Quality Ingredients

Using only the best natural ingredients from around the world, all of Thee's flavours are thoughtfully curated to brew you the perfect cup of tea.

Unique blends that stir emotions in you, leaving a delightful taste with every sip.

Make It A Special Christmas 

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Merry Christmas with Thee

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A time of joy and giving. Send someone a Thee Christmas gift set today!