Four Nine


Pure Minimalist.

You can't just leave it right there. It's the beginning of the end. 

Fluttering jasmine petals, invigorating and delicate - it can lull you to slumber.

10 capsules per box.
*Each capsule can be brewed twice.

Chinese White Tea
Jasmine Flowers

  1. For best taste, flush machine before use.
  2. Insert a THEE Capsule into the machine.
  3. Close lever firmly and place a cup under the outlet.
  4. Press the 40ml button to start and brew till it stops automatically.
  5. For better extraction, wait 30 seconds for tea leaves in capsule to pre-infuse.
  6. Press 110ml button to continue brew till it stops automatically. Remove cup and enjoy your freshly brewed tea.

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